Glendun Scenic Drive is a two glen experience, you can start at Glenaan on the Causeway Coastal Route coming from Cushendall or Glendun which you can join near the Glendun Viaduct or in Cushendun. The roads join at the top of the glens forming a loop drive.  Glenaan is associated with Oisin and the legend of Tir na nOg and also John Hewitt, the poet of the glens.  Both glens especially Glendun have a wild natural beauty with old ruins scattered along the glen side reflecting the hard living conditions that was endured here for centuries.


The road through Glendun is narrow in places and used by local people and farmers so pull the wing mirrors in and drive carefully. Glenaan is a wider road but both offer gorgeous views and give you a good glimpse of glen landscapes, from the fertile wooded lowlands to the almost tundra tops.


Glendun was where Sorley Boy McDonnell brought his small force of soldiers in the dead of night and quietly moved up the glen into the heart of the McQuillan, O'Neill and English camps. He prepared ground before dawn that would lure the English cavalry down to attack him, they became stuck in a muddy swamp area covered by cut reeds and were eventually defeated at the Battle of Orra.  Rory McQuillan, Hugh O'Neill and the Capt.Thomas Catterton were all killed in this final big confrontation. The battle site is just a short drive from the top of the glen or you can visit Sheans Horse Farm and Heritage Centre to view and learn the full story.


Glendun also has the famous Charles Lanyon bridge, built as part of the Grand Military Way which became the Antrim Coast Road and now the Causeway Coastal Route. There is also a penal worship site near the ancient woodland of Craigagh at the bottom of the glen.   Glenaan will give you good views over Glencorp (glen of the dead) and Glenballyeamon as well as the  Fairy Hill of Tivereagh.


 At the top,  the rugged landscape bears testament to the glacial power that shaped them with huge boulders left lying on the surface. The story of Oisin relates to him trying to help local men move one such boulder before his saddle broke and he touched the forbidden earth below and died, this was during his visit home from Tir na nOg. He is said to be buried in Glenaan at Oisian's Grave.  The overriding sense of wildness gives these two glens their uniqueness and beauty.  For local accommodation follow the direct links here.