Derry / Londonderry is the capital of the north west and was the UK City of Culture in 2013, it straddles the river Foyle, the two parts joined by the Craigavon bridge and a new pedestrian peace bridge.


Depending on which way you are travelling this is either the start or finish of the designated Causeway Coastal Route. The city is served by the City of Derry airport located eight miles from the centre and a rail link connects it to the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast and  also Dublin. Bus routes also connect the city to both Belfast and Dublin.


Perhaps the most iconic feature of the city is the famous Walls of Derry which were built between 1613-18. Today they surround what is the old part of the city which has some fine architecture and also within the walls  is St. Columb's Cathedral named after Columb who founded a monastic settlement on land known as Daire Calgach  which  became known as  'Daire Columcille'. You will see him referred to as Columb, Columba and Columcille.


The city is called Derry by some and Londonderry by others, Derry is the English translation of Daire. The London part of Derry or Daire came when the walls were built by the London companies during the Plantation of Ulster by King James 1st. He was also King James VI of Scotland and succeeded his unmarried, childless first cousin (twice removed) Queen Elizabeth 1st to become King James 1st of England.