The Alphabet Angel was created in 2004 through a community project working with the sculptor Ross Wilson. The project involving seventeen young people as well as several older members of the community  looked at identity and the local tongue.  At this time the Ulster Scots heritage of the community had not been explored in any depth.


Several leading authorities on the subject came to speak to the group including James Fenton whose poem is engraved in the pathway. The sculpture became the first physical marker to the Ulster Scots tongue in Europe, and perhaps the world.


It is placed in the heart of the community where the tongue is still spoken and heard. Money from one of the funders, a local tourism development body, was initially refused because the figure was not out on the Main Street.


The project team stuck to their guns and appealed the decision twice on the grounds that the sculpture came from, represented and therefore belonged in the heart of the community where the tongue is rooted and people who created it lived.


The bronze work reached a new level of quality and presentation for cultural community art in Northern Ireland. A pathway leading to the sculpture has a poem engraved into the stone.