Glencloy – Glen of the Hedges or Dykes.

A large sweeping glen which was in the past know as Glenclew. The glen has been inhabited since Neolithic times due to the abundant resources. It provided the raw materials for flint weapon production from the surrounding limestone cliffs of what is a raised beach. The limestone later attracted the development of  the limestone industries that in turn brought about the development of the beautiful limestone harbour  and village of Carnlough which lies at the outflow of the glen.


The limestone extracted from the quarry was transported down to the shore by a gravity fed railway system,  the weight of the loaded wagons going down would pull up the empty ones. A walk up from the harbour over the limestone bridge and along the remains of the old mineral railway line will bring you to the site of what was once a hive of local industry which employed around one hundred and fifty men.


Today the site is well recovered by nature and provides an excellent reserve for wildlife as well as excellent walk, it is also the site of Cranny Falls'.  As you drive up the glen, about two miles out on the left you will see a layby, this is Doonan Leap which has a viewing platform overlooking Doonan waterfall.


Glencloy forms a scenic loop drive with Glenarm, at the top where the loop meets  (and you turn left to go back down Glenarm or right to go back down Glencloy, there is an optional short detour which will take you to Slemish mountain where St. Patrick is reputed to have spent six years of his life  in Ireland as a slave to a local chieftain.


At this  junction you will see a sign  for Slemish and Buckna, follow this to Buckna. At the Presbyterian Church in Buckna the road forks, take the road to the left (The Cuttings) at the next junction turn right and then a few hundred metres along take the next left and your there.


For some spectacular views back over Carnlough I recommend a walk up from the harbour along the old mineral railway to Cranny Falls, on the drive up the glen stop at Doonan Leap to take in the view. This loop has a two lane road, if you choose to go on to Slemish the roads get smaller.