The Glens of Antrim are known throughout the world both in song, poetry and visuals.  They are naturally unique and designated as both  areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and of Special Scientific Interest  (ASSI).   Collectively they are part of the Antrim Plateau , within twenty square miles you can enjoy natural landscapes that covers glacial valleys, sandy beaches, vertical cliffs, tundra plateau, bogland, deciduous woodland, coniferous forests, waterfalls and picturesque villages.


The landscape is scattered with standing stones, cairns, field walls, old cottages, clachans and small rural towns. Stunning walks and views are always present as is the tranquil settings of ancient woodlands and mountain streams. They are waymarked off the main Causeway Coastal Route as Scenic Drives and all the glens are covered in these.


You will find each glens has its own unique charm and characteristics and no two are the same. The glens have five scenic drives:    Glendun / Glenaan,  Glenballyeamon / Glenarrife,  Slemish (Glencloy / Glenarm) and  Glentaisie / Glenshesk. You might notice that one glen is missing, this is Glencorp and the Causeway Coastal Route runs  through the full length of this glen which lies at the foot of Glendun, Glenaan and Glenballyeamon.