Situated on the east side of Ramore Head and close to Lower Landsdowne Crescent. Originally the building was used for seaweed and salt baths for guests at the Northern Counties Hotel but nowadays it houses an interesting display of attractions including : seashore exhibits, touch tanks and live sea creatures.


There are also opportunities for rock pool rambles, fossil hunts and bird watching, there is always something different going on each year for the visitor. You can sit back and watch a film or video in the audio-visual theatre, where in summer, talks are often held on the area. Close by you'll find the metamorphosed Jurassic clay full of ammonite fossils which was the focus of much debate from 1799 between the Neptunist (who believed that basalts had precipitated from water) and the Vulcanist (who recognized the igneous source of basalts) the dark metamorphosed clay was perceived at that time as basalt.