Scenic Drives Causeway Coast

There are nine scenic drives which loop off the main Causeway Coastal Route, these give you an  opportunity to explore more rural and 'off the beaten track' locations in  north Antrim and Derry, they also cover a wide variety of landscapes from mountain tops to fertile glens including the famous nine Glens of Antrim.


Each drive has its own unique characteristics and places of interest, most are on B roads so smaller than the main route  but still with two lanes and a line down the centre of the road, however, three of the drives have smaller roads with no dividing line down the middle where you do need to slow down and be alert for oncoming traffic. They are still very safe providing you take care, if you are unsure, check my facebook page  where you will find images taken on all the scenic drives that loop of the main Causeway Coastal Route.


The drives vary in length, some like the Roe Valley, Bann Valley and  Glenshesk take you to other small villages and towns where you can find shopping and refreshments.


One final word, wherever you travel in the world including here in Ireland, there are always the odd moron willing to break the law. So when you park your car to go for a walk check you have locked it and do not leave any valuable 'visible' inside the car. Put them in the boot, glove compartment or on the floor covered with something.  Reducing the temptation, opportunity and the risk.